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Data Science

Data Mining, Interpretation and Analysis can lead to newer relationships which can help your operations and business discover newer areas of productivity improvement, cost reduction or sales increase.

We provide you with Consulting Expertise to unravel the true potential of the data within your organization to reach new frontiers in your Business and beat the Compliance

Access & Compliance Management

As regulations are increasing and control requirements getting streamlined we help our customers manage all types of controls in their organization related to Access, Process, Operations and Compliance. 

We have expertise in SAP GRC suite of products for managing your access in the most compliant manner which can be automated in the future. Talk to our experts to learn more about this.

We believe Access Management in organizations can be revisited for improved customer / user experience, faster resolution time and continuous risk reduction. 

Ready to run Fiori solutions for GRC are available with us which can be deployed very fast.

Mobility & User Experience

Being Connected to data, applications and devices helps us to be faster in our organizations. Our customers always love simple, intelligent and intuitive front end to interact with. 

Our team provides you with the Architecture, Strategy, Road-map and Technical Consulting for adding Intelligent Assistants to your existing Applications or Processes, for easy interaction. We also help you create Apps for making your applications mobile.

We have deep expertise in UI5 and or SAP Fiori. The experts in our team can help you migration you existing legacy user interface to sleek UI5 front end which can work on all types of devices. 

Machine Learning led Automation

Seamless Tomorrow is possible with automation. Automation which can sustain is only possible with self learning. We specialize in various Machine learning platforms like Google Tensor Flow, Google Dialog Flow, Microsoft Azure, Microsoft Q & A,  Amazon Lex, Amazon Polly and IBM Watson

Internet of Things with ML

Seamless Tomorrow with connected devices anywhere and anytime is the new reality. Data gets generated by these connected devises and now available to be used for our purposes. This data can be Human Health Data or Home Utility related, We provide the technology and hardware to make your device or product smart.


Various technologies like Rasberry Pie, Google Tensor flow lite, Android Things come into play to make them Seamless

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