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Smart Digital Assistant for Identity & Access Management

SWAMi is a digital assistant for identity and access management.

Why is there a need for such digital assistant?

With the mushrooming application landscape in our enterprises we have a growing complexity for business to request access. Some applications are on premise and some are on private or public clouds. This makes seamless access request process tough

SWAMi helps to provide one single front end to request access for all applications across the enterprise or on cloud. It not only receives the request as a chat solution but it also helps user find the right compliant roles for their needs and sends it for approval

The business user experience is greatly enhanced when a digital assistant like SWAMi can become a single point of solution for access. No longer business would need to remember multiple sites or processes for requesting separately access to different applications.

SWAMi connects with other workflow engines like Service Now, SAP GRC Access Control and others to trigger access request approval workflows.

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