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Policy Based Access Management with SWAMi digital assistant

Organizations today are grapping to manage hundreds and thousand of roles for the users. Role Based access management is high maintenance and involves regular clean up.

Policy based Access Management for the enterprise helps us provide authorization to the users based on thier attributes which can be validated by the Identity.

For Example 1 : A user belonging to a particular country working as sales representative should be allowed as a policy to be able to get authorization to display sales orders or create sales orders for his/her sales organization/country and division. An approval for the authorization can therefore will not be required once the Digital Assistant is able to validate the identity.

Example 2: If the user is requesting access based on a Position, the policy can be applicable to the position. The Digital Assistant in this can again validate the Position to the HR information or Identity to provide all the needed access for the position across systems with minimum approvals.

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